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Mission e strategia

Mission e strategia


CGT reinterprets the needs and requests of the customer with a view to a better structuring of the technological systems and of the commissioned works. The ability to interact in various technical environments has distinguished the company and still allows for a constructive conversation with the various customers who increasingly have the need to have an interlocutor who delivers the "turnkey" system.

A continuous technological update for systems always at the forefront of technology and safety.

The C.G.T. Elettronica uses 3 main strategic lines

  • Flexibility - The market in which the company operates commits to responding rapidly to changes in the external environment. Technological progress is growing faster, competition is moving faster and faster, consumers are evolving their behaviors, their demands and have a greater knowledge of the products they buy than in the past. Thus, with electrical and electronic systems, over time the design and implementation of IT systems have been added, ranging from hardware to the creation of customized software.
  • Speed ​​-  In proposing innovative and customized solutions for individual needs
  • Growth - Business growth is achieved using different techniques; the C.G.T. Elettronica is constantly engaged in technical growth with continuous updates in various fields and in commercial growth achieved through partnerships with major companies in the various business sectors.

Research and Development


In an increasingly complex and competitive reality, it was decided to anticipate market demands, because it is not enough to effectively answer their questions today. By interpreting the evolutions of the scenario and through careful strategic planning of investments, we think and realize new technologies and products, to give solutions to the challenges of tomorrow and to transform our creativity into a concrete competitive advantage for our customers.
Our research idea is based on an "Open Innovation" model, that is on the ability to cooperate, sharing objectives, tools and knowledge with realities of excellence at national and international level, such as universities, research centers, governmental institutions and others, operating both in the civil and military sectors.
In Italy, in particular, we cultivate partnerships with the Ministries of Economic Development of Defense and institutional bodies such as the San Camillo Hospital in Rome, the University of Tor Vergata, the Santa Lucia Foundation.