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RETE GCA - Progetto di R&S cofinanziato da Lazio Innova
  • Customer Lazio Innova
  • Category IT and IT infrastructure
  • Year2018

RETE GCA - Progetto di R&S cofinanziato da Lazio Innova

Realization of an innovative model of health and social assistance, based on information and communication technologies, aimed at supporting the diagnosis, the
treatment and management in patients with Severe Cerebrovascular Acquired in acute and post-acute phase through the implementation of an electronic health system and
the integration of imaging systems and technologies for rehabilitation and assistance.
A system will be developed that allows to follow the patient in all phases, increasing the appropriateness of care and decreasing the economic commitment for the Region, the
all through the integration of the care path from the initial acute phase in the hospitals, where they were treated in operating units with a high intensity of
care, in the cognitive-behavioral rehabilitation phase of post-coma patients until the protected disposal, with the activation of the network of regional health facilities
calls to guarantee the patient the availability of machinery and aids in case of return home or the reception in CRE and RSA.
The heart of the system is the "GCA and neurodegative data base" that includes all the medical records in a structured form, managed on a server and easily usable by every subject
equipped with the necessary credentials and the need to know to access, which is integrated:
- neurosurgical and physiatric real time consultation for a more complete and correct integrated assessment of the patient and the sharing of the Coma Recovery Scale and
improvement assessment tools;
- remote integrated rehabilitation to allow high-level assistance / rehabilitation standards even in non-excellence facilities and / or at the patient's home;
- objective evaluation system to support specialists with use of image processing on images (fmri analysis) and signal processing on EEG for the
initial evaluation to set the optimal therapeutic and rehabilitative path and to evaluate the evolution of the clinical picture in an objective way
- expert system of semantic analysis aimed at providing automatic support to overcome the lack of personnel to be consulted and the difficulty of finding indications
clear, reliable and practical;
- training in remote assisted rehabilitation training so that the Care Giver can be the physiotherapist who is not highly specialized or the family member;
These activities will be carried out by a temporary Temporary Aggregation composed of 4 companies, such as Gelco S.p.A., C.G.T. Elettronica S.p.A., Expert System S.p.A. and Sentech S.r.l., and 1 OdR such as the Santa Lucia Foundation; said subjects will contribute to the achievement of the objectives contemplated by making the specific skills a
each of its own and contributing to the project costs in the following percentage measure: Gelco 33%, C.G.T. Electronics 21%, Expert System 18%, Sentech 15%,, Foundation
Saint Lucia 13%